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  • The materials presented here are my unpublished works in progress and hence for informational purposes only. I kindly ask that permission be sought for any use of these translations, research writings, and notes beyond personal browsing. If you wish to request permission to use any of the content uploaded to this website, please contact me at yoonjeongrh@gmail.com with details of how you intend to use the material.
  • "Haiti in Eisenstein's Precepts of Soviet Cinema." View note.
  • "Haitian Musical Culture in the Collections of CIDIHCA Montréal." View note.
  • "Dessalines's Speech in the Precepts of Soviet Sound Cinematography." In preparation.
  • "Dessalines in Eisenstein's Pedagogy of Socialist Realist Cinema," presented as part of a panel on "Revolutions Redux," Northeast Modern Language Association, Boston, MA. View draft. View note.
  • "Haiti According to Eisenstein." View draft.
  • "Haiti in Contemporary Art and Moving Image Practice," MPhil thesis. Printed copies were deposited in the Stuart Hall, Olisa, and MMLL libraries for public consultation, and the manuscript shared with Alex Louis of Atis Rezistans and the organizers of the Ghetto Biennale.
  • “Haiti and the Study of Moving Image in Contemporary Art,” Graduate Conference for Film and Screen Studies, McCrum Lecture Theatre, University of Cambridge, UK
  • “Gesturality in the Exhibition Space of Cécile B. Evans’s Sprung a Leak (Tate Liverpool, 2016),” paper presented at a graduate seminar course on Moving Image Outside the Cinema convened by Prof. Emma Wilson, University of Cambridge, UK

    Korean to English

  • 무명 ("A Name Unknown") by Hwang Jung-eun. Translated from the 2020 Changbi edition. View sample.
  • French to Korean

  • Mûr à crever [터지도록 무르익은] by Frankétienne. Translated from the 1995 Mémoire edition. View sample.
  • Ultravocal [울트라보컬] by Frankétienne. Translated from the 2004 Hoëbeke edition. View sample.
Professional Service
  • Translation assistance for the Korean edition of Lorraine Daston and Peter Galison’s Objectivity [객관성의 역사], forthcoming with Acorn Publishing, Seoul, Korea
  • M.Phil. in Film and Screen Studies (distinction), Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages, University of Cambridge
  • B.F.A. in Fine Art (first class honours), Slade School of Fine Art, University College London

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